Double J Collective

“A celebration of fine crafts and concept design, where art merges with innovation, creating a world of beauty and creativity.”

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Double J Collective is the first project based in Dubai exclusively dedicated to exhibit, promote and sell fine craft and design creations.
Our mission is to champion and nurture talented international and Emirati artists, designers and crafters, who push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Through the curation of exhibitions and commission of projects we proudly showcase authentic, one-of-a-kind fine craft and design pieces. We are equally committed to developing projects that highlight the seamless fusion of fine craft and design, creating exquisite unique environments that celebrate beauty and the ingenuity of craft and design.

Aymen Azzam
Aymen Azzam is a contemporary artist who began as a scholar of various glazes with special effects, investigating ancient technique methods and concepts.
Cristine Bath
Cristine Bath began her pictorial practice through painting, drawing and collage. The need to go beyond the two-dimensional format to confront space and volume led her to discover clay: a medium rich in new emotions and infinite possibilities.
Jean François Lemaire
After studying Fine Arts in Dijon 30 years ago, Jean-François LEMAIRE installed in his workshop the ovens and tools necessary for the work of Glass, Bronze and Ceramics.
José Ramos
José Ramos started his activity as a ceramista in 2008, having already developed tile painting work since 2002
Maria Pratas
As a textile artist, Maria Pratas, recognized that her degree in visual education, centered on visual content and two-dimensionality, drove the need to create in three-dimensional planes.
Marita Setas Ferro
Marita Setas Ferro was born in 1967 in Beira, Mozambique. Master's thesis in Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Oporto, 2009, "The garment as artistic three-dimensional object" (18/20) directed by Professor Sculptor Carlos Barreira and co-directed by Sculptor Joana Vasconcelos.
Vanessa Barragão
Vanessa Barragão (b. 1992) is a textile artist based in Portugal who through her textile art installations and delicate organic structures akin to coral reefs and other natural surfaces, intends to inspire others to create sustainably.
Vânia Gonçalves
Vânia Gonçalves was born in Lisbon in 1978 where she lives and works. She graduated in dentistry, which she practised for 13 years in London, but soon realized her desire to do something artistic.