Jean François Lemaire

After studying Fine Arts in Dijon 30 years ago, Jean-François LEMAIRE installed in his workshop the ovens and tools necessary for the work of Glass, Bronze and Ceramics.



Jean-François LEMAIRE, a Fine Arts graduate from Dijon, has dedicated the last 30 years to the intricate crafts of Glass, Bronze, and Ceramics. He established the ARTFUSION collective in 1994, fostering a passion for the arts of fire through courses, workshops, and lectures on 20th-century Art History and Glass history and techniques.

As a scenographer and show director, he has embraced the world of Glass, culminating in a monumental urban glass sculpture for Troyes in 2019, standing 3 meters tall and weighing 500 kg.

His art delves into the essence of humanity, the interplay of bodies, nature, time, the mind, the unconscious, and emotions. Jean-François explores the dialectic of chaos and harmony within the human experience. Glass serves as his ideal medium to convey this dialogue, with a constant quest for expressive possibilities, incorporating technical precision, movement, and textures into his works.

His artistic themes span “From Chaos to the Light,” “Time Prints,” “Elevations,” and more.