José Ramos

José Ramos started his activity as a ceramista in 2008, having already developed tile painting work since 2002



José Ramos embarked on his journey as a ceramist in 2008, building on his prior experience in tile painting, which he had been involved in since 2002. From the outset, he approached his craft with a strong sense of curiosity and a self-taught spirit, dedicated to researching and experimenting with materials and techniques. Furthermore, he honed his skills through practical work with distinguished masters in the field, including Arcadi Blasco, Rafa Pérez, Joaquin Vidal, Alberto Andrés, Adolfo Giner, Miguel Molet, Alberto Hernández, Javier Fanlo, Xhoan Viqueira, J. M. Gil Martin, Txaro Marañon, Maria Bofill (Spain), João Carqueijeiro (Portugal), Theodora Chorafas (Greece), Juan Granados (Texas), Sílvia Zotta (Italy), Wali Hawes (India), and Bai Ming (China).