Madar Alsuwaidi

Madar Alsuwaidi, an Emirati self-taught potter, finds solace and joy in hand-building with clay. Inspired by her mother’s legacy, she brings her imagination to life through her unique creations, each piece reflecting her passion for pottery. Explore Madar’s captivating world of ceramics and discover the beauty of her artistry



Madar Alsuwaidi is an Emirati self-taught potter who loves hand-building with clay. She was born into a family of artists and learned a lot from her incredibly talented mother, Shamsa Juma, the founder of House of Clay. When working with clay, her mind silences and she feels like it’s an escape from her busy thoughts. Madar has found a way to express her imagination and develop creativity without the need to constantly plan or overthink. Her hands lead the way, bringing her joy through the outcome of her ceramics. Madar is passionate about pottery and enjoys the freedom of glazing, exploring unique details, shapes, and textures.