Shamsa Juma

Shamsa Juma, founder of House of Clay, leads a mission to revive ancient pottery art in Dubai. Her ambition unites local artists and potters, fostering community engagement and global artistic connections. Through her gallery, Shamsa shares the UAE’s cultural stories, aiming to bridge local and global ceramic traditions



Shamsa Juma is the founder and owner of House of Clay. Shamsa currently works in the clay industry and owns her own workshop and gallery, which she initiated with family members and other passionate artists. Her ambition is to unite a broad base of artists and skilled potters in the city of Dubai. Her mission is to revive this ancient art form and produce artwork that serves the UAE community, allowing Shamsa to interact with the stories of its people and institutions.

Shamsa’s aim is to establish the artistic beauty and values of the UAE and its local environments, and to build bridges of communication with creative artists of pottery and ceramics globally.

“Art is the right for everyone who feels it.