Vanessa Barragão

Vanessa Barragão (b. 1992) is a textile artist based in Portugal who through her textile art installations and delicate organic structures akin to coral reefs and other natural surfaces, intends to inspire others to create sustainably.



Vanessa Barragão Studio is a textile art studio dedicated to the craftsmanship of handmade and ancestral techniques, with a strong emphasis on upcycling and waste utilization to highlight the importance of preserving these traditional processes in the fight against environmental issues. Founded in 2014, the studio’s inception was marked by the creation of a 100% ecological and artisanal wool yarn collection, developed using solely discarded wool from sheep. This project ignited Vanessa’s passion for wool and upcycling, becoming the cornerstones of her artistic creations. She seamlessly merged this innovative concept with her deep-rooted knowledge of ancestral techniques. Initially operating from her home, the increasing demand for her work led Vanessa to establish her first dedicated studio in the heart of Porto city in October 2018. This move provided her with more space for larger art pieces and a greater resource of leftover materials. In early 2020, Vanessa’s studio relocated to her hometown of Albufeira in the south of Portugal.