The private label by Damaceno & Antunes since 2007 with a clear mission: to establish a strong presence in the high-end decoration and international markets.

The name “EVO” signifies its evolution from previously renowned brands within the national market.

Today, EVOFABRICS stands as a publishing brand renowned for its exclusive and one-of-a-kind designs, meticulously crafted by Portuguese designers. The underlying philosophy revolves around conveying the rich tapestry of Portuguese heritage and culture through decorative fabrics. Each collection created and curated by our brand draws inspiration from the very essence of Portugal, aiming to showcase the beauty of our country to our global network of distributors.

Having traversed the globe and imbibed the diversity of the high-end decoration realm, we united our passion for textiles to give birth to a collection of fabrics tailored for the home and furniture industry. EVOFABRICS, a name synonymous with quality and elegance, continues to be a standard-bearer for Portugal’s artistic and cultural richness.