Gárgula Gótica was founded in 1998 by two passionate youngsters, who put their hearts into an almost extinct but classical handicraft: the art of stonemasonry!

Beside their love for the material and the tooling, their specialized knowledge and experience covers the artistic stonework, sculpturing, technical and artistic drawing and designing, moulding, conservation and restoration.

As experts in these genres we guarantee our clients the production and execution of any sort of work, no matter how complex and elaborated it may be.

With our team of stonemasons, sculptors, technical and world renowned artistic designers we create and reproduce statuary, busts, decorative objects, coat of arms, logos, complements for ornamental architecture, furniture, religious and funerary art, miniature or monumental sculpture for inside and outside, beautiful design pieces and any sort of work our clients want to see executed in stone.

Gárgula Gótica is different right from the beginning, selecting the raw material and putting ideas, skills, talent, passion and love to full dedication, creating a unique result for highest satisfaction