Danish duo Egeværk is always in search mode. Every time they hold a piece of wood in their hands, the search for the soul of that specific piece of wood begins in a mysterious process where man and material seemingly become one.



Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen of Egeværk are a Danish furniture crafting duo. Their creative process blends nature-inspired artistry and woodworking skills. Mette’s wood expertise ensures each piece aligns with their vision, while Lasse excels in hand-shaping.

Trained at PP Furniture, both craftsmen have won accolades, including Lasse’s Nordic championship and grants received from Queen Margrethe II. Mette transitioned from a multimedia design career to woodworking after a round-the-world sail.

Together, they’ve earned awards like the Carpentry Prize and Danish Design Awards, showcasing their dedication to exceptional woodworking and design.