Muhammad Shareef

Muhammad Shareef’s project focuses on utilizing carpentry waste to create desirable objects, connecting design to his background in carpentry. With materials like sandpaper and wood scraps, he aims to reduce wood waste and design furniture, integrating it into existing production lines.



When Muhammad Shareef was young, he sometimes helped his father in the family carpentry shop in the Atarot industrial zone in Jerusalem. Over the years, he acquired knowledge and skills in woodworking production and handicrafts and decided to study design, connecting it to his background in carpentry. This project focuses on the utilization of carpentry waste, motivated by the ambition to reduce wood waste and use it to create desirable objects.

As materials for his project, Muhammad chose waste materials with potential for efficient reuse such as sandpaper, wood scraps, and adhesives used in the carpentry shop. Without the use of additional external materials, he decided to design furniture and connect it to the existing production lines or create a new line dedicated to the use of waste materials.