Le Noir Emoi – ST 155


Le Noir Emoi is a unique and contemporary piece of art that skill fully combines engraving, sculpture, assembly, collage, and painting techniques in relief. Inspired by ancient Greco-Roman craftsmen, the artist brings forth the elegance and luminous power of black, their favourite color, onto the nobility of wood. Geometric abstraction compositions are articulated around the circle, symbolising life, creating an intriguing dialogue between fullness and emptiness, symmetry and asymmetry, curves and straight lines.

Each piece of Le Noir Emoi is an expression of refinement and precision, blending the tradition of woodworking with a contemporary artistic aesthetic. By masterfully capturing light, these artworks come to life, revealing an emotional depth and a sense of movement that make the invisible visible.

By acquiring a piece of Le Noir Emoi, you’re not only investing in an exceptionally crafted artwork but also in a manifestation of the artist’s humanistic values, representing a pursuit of absolute freedom and genuine emotions without limits or boundaries. Add a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication to your home or workspace with Le Noir Emoi.

Dimensions: 80 cm diam

Technical: Sculpture and Painting Wood



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