Tundra Fluid Chair


Discover the innovative Tundra Fluid Chair by Egeværk – a captivating blend of artistry and functionality. Unlike Egeværk’s minimalist wooden pieces, Fluid is a striking departure, crafted from resin and adorned with elegant copper legs. Its vibrant colors and futuristic design exude an aura of extroversion, standing out as a bold statement piece in any space.

The creation of Fluid was inspired by the mesmerizing movements and visual allure of sea creatures. Egeværk meticulously studied their form, movement, and resilience, infusing these qualities into the design. The result is a hand-shaped wooden shell that serves as the foundation for Fluid’s unique form.

Crafted individually in original molds, each Fluid chair undergoes a meticulous process. Tinted resin is whipped to capture air bubbles, resulting in a dynamic, fluid appearance reminiscent of its aquatic muse. Despite the complexity of the casting process, Egeværk’s dedication brings the sea creature to life once more, with a pulse that seems to resonate with every glance.

Details of the FLUID Tundra include a mesmerizing blend of colors – 217 drops of white pigment, 9 drops of purple pigment, and 28 drops of blue pigment. Hand-cast resin and copper legs contribute to its distinctive aesthetic.

Embrace the avant-garde with the FLUID Tundra chair – a symbol of creativity and ingenuity. Add a touch of artistry to your space with this extraordinary piece from Egeværk’s collection.

Dimensions H 79 cm, H seat 37 cm, W 105 cm D 100 cm.